Give Me A Pen

Give me a pen to flourish and nourish

To allow my mind to grow and explode

For words to escape my mind's gate

I want to know

Will you give me a pen?


A pen to create worlds of my own

The ones I saw and now I draw

Filled with dreams of what we could be

Please oh please allow me a pen


Already hundreds of women and men can use a pen

With simple words written while smitten

Their printed ideas bloom and dance to their own tune

I want to know

Will you give me a pen?


A pen to write words of willful might

Of endless love and senseless delight

To unite and bring light

To defend and mend

To bring power to those made to cower

To live without a pen we would give up a voice

Print would diminish

Our stories would finish

Our hands could and would be silenced

I want to know

Will you give me a pen?


Without a pen I’ll still write you know

Call it a sin but I’ll cut up my skin

For unknown sister and brother my blood will cover the page

But at best I have this one last request

All I want and need to live

Is a pen

Make it a knife or have ballpoint tip

I just need a pen to write

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