Give a little Change Alot

As I walk through these concrete New York streets I see pain staken faces begging for a bite to eat. Curled up, freezing cold, lonely and lost, no home, no car. When a subway bench is the closest they've got to a 5 star room with broken lights and feces perfume. Though the number of travelers that pass through is endless many refuse to even give a cent to the man whose posession if lucky is a hat and scarf. As soon as you hear "Excuse me miss or sir" you instantly think Oh God what are they begging for now? But what kind of mentality is that to carry? When your hospitality could be the difference between them having breath or being burried. The numbers of the homeless continue to rise. Fathers, mothers, children, many babies that cry because they have nothing but it is you and I that can create change. A domino effect of pure indisputable difference and growth. I want to create more programs to provide for those people I see everyday with cardboard boxes covered in black ink. Each letter a representation of dismay, pain, and grief. Held out vacant cups with not a currency in sight. If you were to ask do you consider the glass half empty or half full, you know what they would say. So lets create opportunities and strive to allow the rate of the homeless to go down. Id love to provide more places where they can eat and sleep and have mentors to help them get jobs and then a place of their own. A place where children are genuinely able to learn and grow so they have a chance to reach their dreams as any other kid with a picket fence and trampoline. Nothing worth fighting for is ever easy but if you take one step at a time you can change the world. You and I. Give a little, change a lot . We've got the green light, now start.


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