A Girl's Best Friend

A Girl's Best Friend

Dogs like this, dogs like that

Anyhow I love my pet

Very dark in complexion

Hair so deep I might get lost

Pets are loyal, yes it’s true

But none as loyal as my dog, whom I love too!!!


Dogs have existed for many years

Yet they are not extinct

We see them today, all around the world

Just playing catch or chewing on a ball

But my dog is different, so very quiet

Although it’s strange, somehow absurd

I wouldn’t have my dog any other way!


Dogs are man’s best friend

That’s what they say

But how about dogs being a girl’s best friend

It sounds very strange, I agree with you

But just try it and life will never seem the same for you!


See how much I love dogs

You can guess they’re my best pets

I have a dog too, like I explained to you

But quite mature, not that cute

So how about puppies and chiwawa’s too

I love all dogs, yes it’s true

But I just can’t choose between the two!


Dogs are like roses

Violets too

Sometimes they love

Sometimes they’re scared

If you’ve ever held a dog captive Shame on you!

Dogs have a choice like us humans too

Let’s think about this until the next verse, hmm…


…After thinking for so long

I think it’s time for a change of topic

Let’s just rhyme about how much we love dogs!


We should all love dogs

That’s very true

No matter how you treat them

They always stick with you

In hunger, sickness, poverty and wealth

So now we know dogs really can be “a girl’s best friend”!!!

By Audrey Mamedu 


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