The Girls


This is to the girls who grew up with the barbies

Who grew up idolizing Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Wonderwoman

The girls who grew up reading J-14, Seventeen, and Teen Vogue

To the girls who ever felt too big or too ugly because they arent a size 2

The girls who listened to what they read

This is to the girls who suffer from being proud they went from a size 26 to a size 13

The girls who suffer from bullying whether they are big or they are skinny

These girls are conditioned while they are little that beauty is all on appearance

You have a girl who feels like she is hideous. Going into hiding over bullying for her looks

Her skin aint perfect. She isnt the "perfect" size. Her breasts are too small. Waist too big

Where she should see a image of beauty. Of perfection cause she is her size. 

She sees what the media portrays as ugly. 

Watching a show called UGLY betty

Bushy hair, kind of awkward, braces, and glasses is apparently ugly when I see human and real

This is to the girls who starve themselves to be skinny

1 meal missed

2 meals skipped

3 workouts an hour

This girl is getting too skinny

Whoops mustve lost too much weight now she is considered too skinny

"Bones is for the dogs, meat are for men"

Yet when a girl has meat and is proud is chastised bout her health

Is chastised about her size. She may be healthy just not skinny. 

A mac desktop can run as much as a mac laptop. Two different looks

Beauty isnt on the outside. Beauty is the heart of the girl.

This is to the girl who laughs at negative comments of her size

The girl who strives to learn more and help others

The girls who strive to make a difference

The girls who love everyone for their hearts not their looks



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