Girl Sitting on the Steps


United States
25° 56' 24.2124" N, 80° 12' 55.44" W
United States
25° 56' 24.2124" N, 80° 12' 55.44" W

The girl was sitting in silence and solitude on the concrete steps of the porch.
                              What is she doing there all by herself?
                                            Where is her family?
                Why is the window of the house in the background open?
                         Was it night time or was it just dark outside?

    The girl looks sad sitting in solitude. She could you use a converting hug.
                  She looks like she's hiding from someone or something.
                      She has a hard life her parents are always fighting.
                           This is where she comes to get away from it.

                       She look like she has been sitting there forever.
              Like she's waiting for someone to appreciate her presents.
             The best part of the painting is that you can relate to this girl,
                                even though the painting is old.

                           The beauty of this paint in the lack of
     The painting is beautiful because the girls really feelings are shown.
               She is not pictured smiling because she isn't happy
                        The girl is looking into her hands sadly,
                                  These are her real feelings.


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