Like the Girl Named Alice

I'm sure we've all heard the tale of the girl named Alice

The one who fell down the rabbit hole, and was chased from the Card Palace

Who spoke with flowers, and attended the Mad Tea Party

And who became lost in the hollow forest that recalled the imaginary,

Yes--we've all heard heard this story, even if only a few words

A denial of reality, where the subconcious mind churns

But I make the proposal that we are all like this Alice girl

Lingering in an unkempt world that we could only wish to control,

Ha--laugh all you want, but than you become the Hatter

Deny the conscience of the cat, and your paths' choices become sadder

Mankind has the will, but its weak, and gives it all away

Consume the pills that "shrink" and "grow" you, and sleep away the day,

Lose the tick that tocks the clock, and the rabbit you become

Mistake the moon from the sun, than you are Tweedle Dee and Dum

But let lose your fury-stricken--see your the Queen of Hearts

Because god-forbid the flowers turn white, and the King smites your remarks,

So what is really so different between the two worlds torn apart

Because last time I checked, these two were all the things that we once sought

Since according to Society, wicked be the Curiousity

And "off with your head" you become, if you stray from Reality,

The door is locked with no one home, but still I hear, "Who are You?"

And I believe if we were all like the girl named Alice, then maybe,

        just maybe--we might all have a clue.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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