The Girl in the Mirror


In the midst of the gale

I found myself, helpless and pale

A girl called Aanu, censorious of the image 

Staring back at her in the mirror, the horror of her own visage


So beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Unless the one who owns it turns a cold shoulder 

To the beauty of oneself

Let me be, the queen bee, and I'd still  be an elf


But beauty fades, they say

after its bloom, like a magnolia in May

Intelligence is more salient 

More tangible than the unreliable Pulchritude so transient


I'm such a figure shrouded 

in mystery, in a world crowded

So pensive. Yet filled with feelings, dealings so intensive

To the ones who love me

Preppy as can be, 

I still prove enigmatic

Troublesome, but wholesome, and eccentric


So love me ,if you dare

Might prove to be a scare

Risky as it might seem

Life is a thriller, even so the miller deems


The girl in the mirror

Looks back to my horror

A reflection of me outwardly 

Ever a novelty, even worse than true royalty, but never cowardly



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