Girl With The Laugh

Some may say that it should inspire a change

While to others that former speaker is deranged.

From saying one's ears being are penetrated by knifes 

- to making one's day - judgements are part of everyone's lives.


Few know the pain that has lied behind these brown eyes:

From financial struggles to sexism to ponderances of what happens when one dies.

From teasing to insecurity to thoughts of taking one's life,

All of this and so much more is part of daily human strife.


They say a person who laughs too much is secretely in a lot of pain,

However that to me is rather lame.

Laughter is not a choice it is not something that should be controlled

Even if that laughter is incredibly bold. 


I can be moody and blunt, I may take other's statements too close to heart -

I am caring and kind, and believe that changing the world is smart.

Fact of the matter is that you can never do anything without critiques of everyone else,

So why not laugh it off and be yourself?


I am the girl who can be heard hallways away, 

Whose decible is so piercing as to make technology's stability sway.

As unique and awesome as my cackle may be, 

The thing that makes me flawless is me.


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