The Girl In The Corner

She sits alone all by herself 

Wishing to be some one else 

Hating all of her flaws 

Like her hair teeth and skin

She wish she could start over again 

Making wishes that'll never come true 

Smiling and laughing 

She ran out of things to do

So she sits and cry in the night

Avoids all people wanting to fight 

Running from her issues with drugs

Wondering if there is a god above

Hoping to get out of her hell hole

Wanting to stab her mother with that stripper pole

Laughing and smiling is all she can do for now

She needs to find answers 

But she wonders how ?

She looks to the left 

What does she see?

An old friend, sharp and short

She grabs it 

The burning sensation 

Like a drug that’ll never go away

Her friend is a monster 

He is here to stay.


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