The Girl in Blue Cat Glasses

Happiness is yellow and hope is blue, 
sadness exudes purple, anger breathes red.
Trust me, I know.


Envy is pointy, long; hard to ignore.
But the real problem is with


What shape can sadness take when it has no ends, 
It has no bounds, no limits, 
Sadness is the air that envelops, 
But not for everyone, 


For me.


Listen. The whispers. They're about you.
Look. Your friend, or least, that's what she USED to be.


She's not anymore, 
Does that hurt? Does it make you purple?


Walk through the whisper filled hallways, 
Donning your purple jacket. After all, 


                                                Purple is a pretty color.


But still, I am not purple.
I see a couple, their hands touch and they smile, 
a connection that leaves them on a different 
A more happy level. A level where they each shine, yellow suns, 
Seeing them,
I want more. I cry, I run, I try to convince myself
That I am me, I am okay.

But emotions have never been my strong point,
I want to have my own

But that isn't where I am.
Or where I ever will be,
You cannot have just the good, 

                without the bad.

For now, I will settle to be blue. 
But really, I'm building my rainbow.
My purple jacket is still my favorite, and after all...

Where would I be without it.

I will be happy, I will overcome my emotions.
I will do so much with my easily broken heart.
But for now, I can focus on building on the blue of my rainbow. 


Hope. The essential box element of mankind.
Let it stay within me.


The rest of the world may not notice the difference. 
But I am no longer the red cheek girl in the purple jacket.
I am also the girl in the blue glasses. 







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