The Girl Behind the Curtain


Please pay no attention to that girl behind the curtain.

Of all my great uncertainties, one thing is for certain:

I do not want yor pity or your pleasure at my plight;

For all you'll do is smile as you tell me it's all right.


For you I will pretend that I have everything together,

While really, on the inside, I am floating like a feather -

Searching for a place to land, to find where I belong;

Yet every move I try to make is calculated wrong.


Why does it come so easily to everyone I know?

Why do I see perfection almost everywhere I go?

Expectations swirl around me like a violent hurricane;

I long to tear the veil away and face the beating rain.


Bu I do not want your pity, so my feelings will stay hidden.

I only let them surface when I need to, and they're bidden,

In the comfort of my room, where privacy is certain;

So please don't pay attention to that girl behind the curtain.





Wow! I LOVE your poem! How long did it take you to write it? It looks like we are in the same contest too! OOOoo do you think you could take a look at my poem to?:)

Keira Smith

Thanks so much, glad you like it! And I just read your poem - it was amazing! You're super talented :)

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