This Girl

So there's this girl right?

And she always earns good grades, so they put her down out of spite

She's been on the high honor roll for as long as she can remember

But the media only likes skinny, they don't care about clever

She has an amazing personality, 

But all the negativity is affecting her mentality 

She has the biggest heart this world has ever seen

But they would never put her on the front page of magazine

With all the criticism girls face on a daily basis

They think that appearance is everything, and all else is wasted

If no one else will tell them, I'll step up to the plate

No one should care about your freaking weight

Or your hairstyle or the clothes you wear

You're going places girl, you'll still make them stop and stare

All your amazingness might not fit into a size two,

Whether it does or doesn't should not affect how YOU view you

All girls are beautiful, every color, shape, and size, 

So strut through life, light a fire in your eyes

I can see the real you. Your looks? I couldn't care less

No matter what you look like, you are FLAWLESS




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