That Girl


"That girl on ASB."

"That girl who was a cheerleader."

"That girl who gets good grades."

"That girl who has long hair."


All these girls

You guess are me.

But I am them

Only to thee.

For being free

To be me

Is so much more than ASB.


I am sincere.

But I disappear

When I hear

"That girl on cheer."


I have a large heart.

I am a work of art.

But I am only in part

"That girl who's smart."


I am always one to care.

I have a personality that's rare.

But I always prepare

To be "that girl with long hair."


I am lively.

I am smiley.

And I am free,

Except when I hear "that girl on ASB."


So quick to judge

The person I am

That I close up inside,

As tight as a clam.


I'm not "that girl,"

"That girl" who's a bore.

Behind the curtain

I am so much more.




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