The Gingerbread Man with the Smarter Plan

The gingerbread man felt as if he would never stop running

He even knew that the demeanor of the fox was especially cunning

But he knew the horse, cow, pig, little old woman, and little old man were on his tail

He couldn’t bear the thought of having to run all this way and fail


The gingerbread man decided to stay away from the fox and think

He didn’t have much time and was too close to the river’s brink

The fox continuously looked at the gingerbread man with hungry eyes

To the fox, he seemed like a better snack than McDonald’s french fries


The gingerbread man continued to briskly walk away

He pulled out his iPhone 7 while being stalked as the prey

He suddenly realized how dumb he was being!

An Uber driver could come pick him up and be the key to his fleeing!


He frantically booked an Uber and hoped for its quick arrival

The only thing on his mind as he tried to lose his followers was his survival

“How did I not think of this sooner?” thought the gingerbread man

He believed in himself to think of a unique plan


After tirelessly walking to the street with the car

The gingerbread man finally say the Uber from afar

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” the gingerbread man screamed

Even though his followers were close, the gingerbread beat them to the car, as he had dreamed


His followers were sad, but realized the gingerbread had won

Now the gingerbread feared his driver would be the one to eat him and be done

But the driver said he was his first ride all day

He needed the money and would let the gingerbread man stay


The gingerbread man was elated, but he needed to rest

He told the driver to keep driving out to the west

The gingerbread man didn’t know at what city they would stop

But he was just satisfied to be living and to have made it to the top

He knew that in fifty years he would be telling this story

His grandchildren would aspire to be him in all of his glory

And he laugh when he remembered screaming, “Run, run, as fast as you can,

You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man.”


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