A Gift for the World


They claimed that it was their destiny to move out west,

But people were already living there.

They claimed that the Indians were hostile savages who should be civilized.

They claimed that the Indians would be better off Americanized.

A democratic country, which stands for individuality and freedom,

Contradicted itself and passed the Dawes Severalty Act

Saying that only when the Indians cut ties with their tribes could they own land.

A country, only 235 years old, claims that they know best,

That they can fix any situation and help anyone.


The world notices how they took over construction of the Panama Canal,

How they invaded Grenada, how they influenced the Iraq war.


In the past 235 years we have surpassed

All other dominating economies of the world,

And have become the best.                                                                                           

But the world does not share the eye of the American.


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