Gift Theif

"Let the past be the past" 
Only if it were that easy 
To lock the ghost back in their time coffins. 

They resurrect so often to tease you, 
Haunt you, 
Beat you, 
Defeat you 
Make your present seem less of a gift 
But a time hell that your stuck in 

Don't think about now 
Think beyond the now 
Your future depends on your past 
Every crafty work, every broken glass 
Maybe all decisions need not to be thought through 
But important ones shouldn't come out of the blue. 

But then again the past is the past 
You can't rewind your hourglass 
Running and denying it doesn't change a thing 
A mistake was made, learn from it 

Admit your wrong 
Accept your mistake it makes you strong 
Embrace your bone closet 'cause it makes you brave 
Doing this makes your future better, sounds kind-a-strange! 
Your past isn't really there to defeat you, haunt or tempt 
But to make a better future and a great present. 

But your present and future May one day be your past, 
And don't say one day you'll look back and laugh 
Trust me! I speak from experience 
Of doing whatever 'cause it'll be my past and can't affect my present 

But fatally learnt that it did 
My past took away my present, my gift. 
Lying, denying and running from it made it worst. 
When I was ready to accept it, I had already done the hurt 

Don't stubborn your ears like I 
Turn millions of blind eyes 
Make important right choices 
And when a mistake is made, embrace, don't lie about it. 

I know, to have lost my love to my past 
And then lying and denying to make broken the shattered glass. 

Have keen ears for my past took my present, my bliss. 
My love, the greatest gift

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