Ghost Stories

Thu, 11/12/2020 - 17:16 -- SadBoy

Stuck in my head
I can't sleep,
night terrors bring entities
I don't understand
what they want from me
Just let me be
I just want to be okay
Is it my fault
I opened that gate
With suffering and pain
Gotta get high everyday
To keep myself sane,
Idk how Im gonna maintain
I feel my sanity slowly fade
Shadows play head games
I think I'm insane
How could I tame the spector's
That followed me
From the astral plane?
They try to drag me away
So one could take my place
To live and breathe
part of the human race
Hitchhiking spiritual hijacking
Im lacking protective talismans
Empathic like a magnet
I hear them whispering
About my bad habits
Endless madness
The sadness is creeping in
Demon din, I'm sleep in
Please save me
From my boogie man

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