A mistake- mistakes.

I’ve mistaken an adventure

With love.



A startling appearance before me

Asking me why I’ve done

This. “It was not my intention,” 

I say. Dismayed, replaying the memory of your face-

A ghost now. Fading away;



Left. Gone. Taken.

Mind, heart, soul: broken.

You’re exhaling death in exchange for a breath 

Of amnesia.

Forgetting the feeling of rejection,

And pleading 

For escape.



A lifeless being,

Yet still technically alive.

Thinking, breathing, blinking:

Traits of a human,

But lack of love is inhumane.


Crying, screaming, shouting-

Quietly, for attention,

But the tension of your heart strings

Is unbearable.

Sensible to want love.

You follow the light from above-

You’re gone.


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