Get Your Life Together

Dear brother,

It was vague like a dim moonlight in sunrise,
Your attempts to avoid those dark temptations,
Chasing you left and right to what’s unwise,
Leading you to a certain damnation.

Maybe a slightly curvy road,
That was absolute in your future,
Like a wave around some crushed boat,
Leaving you buried under your infamous failures.

Was it the big, yellow bird,
Walking into your unbelievably small cage,
Letting your hatred to what was wrong,
Be written to the one forbidden page?

Or maybe the dark, purple frog,
Waiting outside your bright white door,
Inspecting for every little flaw,
Yet ignored his criticism for you have asked more?

Or maybe that one excited puppy,
Snuggling with your sad little lies,
Comforting every tear that went down,
Then you brought him outside to be sold in price?

Or maybe the clingy monkey,
Getting near just to be pushed apart,
Eager to receive a hug just once,
But you kicked him away and broke his heart?

What is it that you accepted?
Oh right, it was the malicious snake,
Hissing its way around your tied up thoughts,
Letting you open up to those who were fake.

“It is what it is,” you said,
Taking no note of mom’s debate,
Being mad of her ongoing prayers,
On and on about how “this is my fate.”

Was it something that couldn't be changed?
A single thought may appear one day,
Possibly giving another chance to the irrelevant,
Also keeping the snarky snake at bay?

It wasn't a conflict, it never was.
It was the fact that you haven't been listening.
It was the fact that you have been letting go,
Too much that the vision became threatening.

Don't be like this, don't be like this,
Appreciate what it was, you who are ignorant,
Take the word of advice, given every single moment,
Try to fix those emotions, those are only your rent.

Now listen to this, this small little poem,
Giving you a vision, one that you wouldn't bother,
One from your family, the one that's been here,
And always will be, for our beloved ignorant brother.

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My family
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