gentle rain

The pale cloak 

The gentle rain

the empty home

So full of pain

was once a castle

but it didn't last long

the foundation was rattled

so it no longer stands strong

but this all feels so wrong 

to let go of something once so strong 

but you only reep what you sew 

and you felt lost and alone 

cause your emotion was over thrown 

by you, 

you were chilled to the bone 

like your insides had turned to stone

 you no longer want to play along 

and listen to miseries song 

because you know it doesn't belong 

it was wrong 

it could's over throw this feeling inside 

like you must again come alive 

you know you can no longer hide 

so you take a deep breath and sigh

because in you heart you know it's right 

to right the wrongs of memories time


This poem is about: 
Our world


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