I am a millennial, a ‘Y’

Part of the Global Generation

Born between the birth of AIDS

And 9/11


Pumped full of entitlement

And narcissism


We are complained about

By all the baby boomers

Who are frustrated with us

Or jealous of us


We try and say we’re all different

An individual

No one else like us

However, we each share one thing

A defining trait of numbness to the world

Our indifference to suffering


I have done

And will continue to do

Anything I can to not feel

Sex, drugs, booze

Just take away the pain

Take away the whispers

And the rumors

And all the boys I loved

Who will never love me back


It’s to this generation I belong

The ones who drink coffee

As if it were water

And vodka

As if it were coffee

Hell, kids try to kill themselves

And then are back in class

Like nothing happened


We are part of the generation

Who avoid exposing our pain

To those who couldn’t care less

We think that pain is the worst feeling

It’s not

Nothing is worse, then the eternal hole

That burns inside us all


There are times

When I don’t eat anything at all

So I can be as empty

As I feel on the inside


And that’s the end result of all this

We shut out the pain

Until we don’t feel anything

Just an eternal numbness

To the fucked up world around us


It’s all we can do to keep it inside

It’s all we can do to not let others in

We all think we’re more important

Than the one sitting next to us

But the one thing we often forget

Because it’s so easy to let it slip our minds

There is not one thing

That someone is not

Crippling sad about


We are the generation who will

Continue to kill ourselves slowly

Some of us drink, some of us smoke

And some of us fall in love

But we all end ourselves in different ways


So I’ll continue on to have

My daily cigarettes

With my morning vodka

And my late night coffee

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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