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stages of life, i'm 18 so many things are new to me
i'm trying to find myself, i'm playing hide and seek with two of me
S.W.A.G.G., a word that is misused, abused, and misconstrued every single day
now, don't get me wrong. Swagg is the way you carry yourself.
but furthermore it's what you do with yourself
my acronym for SWAGG is, So What And Go Grab
meaning.... if i want something
i'm going to attain that something, someway,
no matter what he, she or they say
swagg is a polite way of saying, i hear you telling me i can't do it,
but i will do it, and there's absolutely nothing you can do to stop me
but on my journey to the top, you're more than welcome to watch me, while practicing SWAGG and doing my best to project
confidence calmness, and conposure
many teenage tribulations have come under recent exposure
for example, every time i talk to my boys the subject is on
shoes, sex or a salary
or if we're feeling real bold, it'll be on girls, guns, or a pornography gallery
since when is poisoning our minds a sure and divine way to ensure.....
that we shine?
that's a misunderstanding i Refuse to understand
guys, we must cease the activities of little boys
and grow up to be a man
"WAKE UP!!" say the teacher in the middle of class while we're in deep slumber
and as soon as that bell rings the first thing on our mind is
"Dang! i can't wait to get her number"
and W.T.H?
meaning Why The Hostility?
we're all guilty of it,
when we see an individual who isn't dressed in their Sunday's best
or doesn't look according to our judgmental standards
chances are, he or she doesn't have the funds to meet our expectations
and even if they did, who would want to be judged by a diety imposter
i'm giving you blueprints on your earthly sail
like my cousin says, if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail
i know you may not hear me,but i pray that you're listening
do things the Right way and not their way
and if you don't know the difference between hearing and listening
after you're finished, grab a Webster's and get it squared away


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