Generation Z

Seen as outcasts and rebels
What is the root cause of this rebellion
Parents taught us the best they could
Yet children's still value technology over intelligence
In these ages you need to be woke to stay self sufficient
But we dissolving like effervescents
With neither us nor our guidence having common sense
Youth are committing suicide at rapid rates
Raising questions to the system we live in
Is it detrimental to us as human beings
To confirm in a society made for a few
To survive and thrive while children die
No one bats an eye until it's too late
And predictions go down as fake
It's fate that we've accelerated the Earth's death date
Yet we persist in our ways
Blind to what the universe is trying to say
We are mere grains of sand in the bigger scheme of things
So as dust particles we should just flow with the wind
But no generation Z is here to change things
We are Indigo children who understand deeper meanings than our parents did
Spend time away from technology it makes us sick
Mind, body and soul were not created to be bombarded with different frequencies
You may think there's no truth to poetry
But truthfully we will never know
Globally we need a change to show
Otherwise our children will be out through the same cycle
A brainwashing machine that's so subtle
We won't know until it's too late
No one will figure out things unless it's there pay grade
We need to elivate and motivate
To stop the degradation of our mental states
I got a clear message through meditstion
We are all part of something bigger
Not just the solar system
The universe has its own mission
And we are privileged to have seen celestial images
Before it would be thought of as witchcraft
Now in the fourth industrial revolution technology is art
The youth have more problems than I can count
One of them being fast foods, quick access to any information at their finger tips
And this is harmful and a fool will say it's harmless

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