Generation of Fighters


See the problem is that within this world there are people in authoritative places,
that hide their faces
behind machines that feed us
brain mush 
in media, not expecting any of us to push
for what we believe in.
The government wants us only to sit back and not fight

for what is right

or what we stand for. 
But that's the thing, we must knock down that door


that stands between sin and salvation. 
There's 16 and Pregnant

and one direction


that's meant to distract us

from all the issues that are more severe

and should be striking fear

in us all.


Why do we sit back with our mouths shut

and not speak up

for the problems we should be solving?


So we must stop. Stop just sitting there

without a care


and step up to the plate.

Don't accept the fate

of just another faceless zombie.


We are a generation of warriors, not worriers

and we are a force to be reckoned with,

a group that will fight to the very end

and even then


we will still strive to prove that simply speaking out

can completely change the turnout

of future generations and


we will change the world.



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