Genderfluid. I am genderflud. Is that okay?

Mon, 12/21/2015 - 03:41 -- atask

Her birth name is only half of her form.

She has grown and blossomed since she was created.

She is the one most know by name; the once who wears dresses, skirts and tight jeans.

Her name is Athena.

He was born with her, but he developed a bit slower.

His tastes are different, more acquired, more adventurous.

He joined her fully in the ninth grade;

with his vests, button-up shirts and beanies.

He's the family disgrace, he one who has to hide his traits.

"I feel sorry for you. You were raised better than this," his parents say.

His friends don't like him that much; his parents don't like him at all.

They forget his name a lot, but Michael doesn't mind.

He'll share her name to make them more comfortable.

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