Gaurdian Angels

Mon, 07/22/2013 - 19:04 -- kCanvas


Why couldn't you tell me? Or why couldn't I see?

Are some of those scars on your wrists because of me?

Now I feel it's all my fault, what if one day I'd wake up and you'd be gone?

And all along, it could have been stopped.

Could I have saved you? What if I would've let you know,

I'm always here for you. I just need you to know.

We can get through this, just promise, to stay alive.

I promise, I'm here by your side.

And now you've given up on everything.

There are no more angels, because all you see is the pain.

And what are we supposed to do now, with you lying there on the ground.

Your soul is bleeding out, there's nothing left, am I too late?

You were screaming, bleeding, crying, but now all we have is the silence.

And now I'm crying, bleeding, screaming, I'd give it all to end the silence.

Now what do I do without you? Why couldn't you just let me be there for you?

Cause now forever after, I'm left here to wonder...

Was it me, was I the one who was meant to save you?

I knew I should've let you know.


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