Writing is a passion,

One that I have with much haste.

and compassion.


If I could, 

I would write every morning,

anything I would,

poems, stories, scripts, adorning.


As time has passed,

beginning at the early age of 10

I began to craft.

Bringing clumsy ideas together and then

my stories would unfold.


Now, at the age of 18

I can now clear my writings.

With a message that is clean

my writings are now exciting,

more enticing to the reader.


I will never be able to put down pen and paper,

nor will I ever be able to stop my imagination.

Because as soon as I dream,

I lay it down like a skyscraper.

One that reaches the skies and has no limit.


Pages will be find throughout my room,

filled with words of unfinished endings.

and most will be cut,

because my imagination never ends,

and neither will my dreams.


New things to write happen everyday

and I will always write whatever I feel like writing at that moment.


Writing is a dream to me,

it helps me fill my life with 

another type of reality,

one that I can jump into and leave the one I'm in now.


Writing is a gateway.



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