The Gate


There is a gate, they say  
That holds your fate day by day 
The place where your thoughts belong 
The place where your mind has gone 

You try to run away 
But your mind wants you to stay 
The answer you cannot find 
You start to lose your mind 

It feels like there's nowhere to go 
Your mind traps you above and below 
There is nowhere to run or hide 
You are bound by laws you must abide 

You begin to break down 
Voices coming from all around 
You lose track of time and place 
You cannot remember your own face 

You must let it go 
Your future is what you know 
Fly away into the skies 
See life through your own eyes 

Blow the gate to the ground 
By fate you will not be bound 
Just let it all go 
Thus ends the big show                      


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