The Game of Life

Some represent a two sided coin

One side the light

The other the dark

The appearance of each being rather stark


These are the people who take the least amount of chance

They analyze all options before making the advance

For they know that if they keep dividing

And if they keep subsidizing

That the odds will play out to 50-50

Logic being their vanguard


Others are like a deck of cards

Depending on the company,

Are shown by a different face

Their true identity being hard to trace


These are the ones who are most patient

Their ability to wait borders on the complacent

They simply watch and wait, and

Play the cards that are most composite

With 52 chances they remain opportunistic

Usually not giving into their vices


Then there are many who fit the cue of dices

A pair of bones that juggle with fate

Always pushing for a bigger plate

Those of which are bound by greed

Use these dice for their creed


Many a man chooses this path

Even though it has announced such an infamous wrath

When they win, they want to win more

So they ante up and push for a larger score

These are the ones that when they lose

Lose it all as their pride takes a bruise

Quite a problem that will beset


The last of ways to play in life is roulette

Those who are karmatic

Play this kind of game

The kind that offers the least amount of shame


For it is the roulette that creates an infinity

It leads us to the divinity

One can use this game to believe

And search for truths others can’t conceive

The most freedom with form

A boundary around the norm


Then there are those that choose to play a combo

People who are stuck in a sort of limbo

Trying to discover who they are

Many HAVE to take it this far

For no one truly knows how to deal with this strife

Of the game that we like to call life


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