The Gambler

You've hurt me once and you've hurt me twice, but now it's my turn to throw the dice.

I play my cards and I pay the toll, who knows what fate the dice will roll.

They touch the earth with a burst of dust, as if to hide beneath its crust,

but they bounce off into the air, and roll as if they have no cares.

I ran from you along that path I ignored your yells and the aftermath.

The fires burned and scorched the skies filling the air with hopeless cries.

I caught my breath and ran some more til my legs gave out and my muscles tore.

I got a way, but I was not alone my mother's still trapped inside that home.

The only choice is to return to her and face the wrath that is burning her.

He calls my name before I touch the yard, the source of tears and all my scars.

I know his name, but I dare not speak he kicks me hard and calls me weak.

I could not leave cause I'm not strong, but that you see is where he's wrong.

I could not leave because I knew that someday soon I'd come back for you.

To save my mom and to end your reign to cuff the hands that caused me pain.

So I’ll roll the dice and bide my time I’ll write each verse and feel each rhyme.

But someday soon your time will come and you’ll regret the day you hit your son.


This poem is about: 
My family
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