Galaxy Far, Far Away

The emptiness which filled the vacuum of space,

Stood lonely and without anything to do,

So God decided to create something worthwhile.

He spoke into being a divinely brilliant light,

And seperated it from the darkness that surrounded Him.

God then proceeded with making His Heaven and Earth,

The dazzling sun, and twinkling stars that shone around His moon,

But He also made other celestial giants of which we knew nothing,

For millenia until a man saw them and wondered what they were,

For God Himself had formed them in the palm of His hand,

Yes, the shining planets of Mercury- whose minerals were as numerous as

The sand on God's playful seashore.

And Venus, a goddess in her own right,

Unworshipped by man, and yet beautiful like her namesake,

Our twin planet.

Then there spun Mars, the red Planet that never slept,

But was always keeping his neighbors busy and awake!

His large cousin Jupiter was the bossiest of all nine

Because of his colossial size -  he thought he was the greatest.

And Saturn, his lovely sister who wore many rings,

Was vain and haughty, and she only cared about how she looked.

Uranus, the quiet one next door, kept mostly to himself, 

Minding his own business and not speaking unless God asked him to.

His other neighbor, called Neptune, believed too highly of his status,

As the coldest planet and farthest from Mr. Sun,

Thus God reprimanded his pride constantly.

And then there was the tiniest of all the spinning orbs in space,

The baby dwarf planet his friends called Pluto,

Who, though small, should not be underestimated,

For the youngest was quite wise beyond his years.

These were the amazing giants who, suspended in space,

Live a life surrounded by stars and their private moons,

Who act as their butlers when the others aren't around.

God Himself had made these planets just like He made Earth,

And you can view them all in a galaxy far, far away.

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