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Gabriell Lamour



      I can see you. Where you are, what you have reached, how you have done it. I did the same things you done to become successful. Despite the actions, pain, loss, and suffering I still remain engulfed in your shadow. I can’t reach you. You always leave me chasing you in frustration that I can’t muster what you miraculously pull off. I hate it that I can’t level the playing field between us. My pride is useless now. I accept that you surpassed me in every standard of the word. You are better than me. At every turn you leave me in the dust. My only goal was to become better at the role you play in the world and prove myself to you. That was the only thing I ever wanted to reached. You had the people's attention. You did everything before me. I have made mistakes in the past, and i was able to turn them around. After you showed up, I wanted to achieve higher and make a bigger name for myself than what you did. Why is the gap between us so large?  I know this isn't my potential. You made me this way, and unfortunately I have lost said direction. I lost my dignity a long time ago, all thanks to you. I want to know how you did it. For the good of my sanity, I want to learn what made you press on despite these trials. If the pain and frustration boils deep within me because of this consistent obsession of reigning over you, then I don't want it. It just feels like another prison, holding hostage my free will.  There is no one on this planet that can reach you. Your example places the world in awe. Not even I can match your achievements to a T. You are the Untouchable.

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