G Mentality


As I sit back and reclined
Enjoying a cubano and glass of wine
I cant help but think of the modern times; where ladies are hard to find, and all I see is dames and dymes
It's almost impossible to meet someone that's genuine;
Since sex is easier to get, loves harder to find
It's become lost in time, a paradox some like if as of Jesus really died to save us swine
Nowadays its about convenience not lineage, keep that in mind
People only use and abuse relationships and overtime
Every new one becomes predictable as red and blue paradigms.
I dont know i guess physically I'm from but mentally I'm from previous times
Swag, sagging to grab men's attention is straight for fags
And I don't mean no disrespect to those respectful few
Who bleed the same but are honest and true of and to themselves unlike you,
Think about it, be about it
A real G holds down his fam,
Protects, loves, and feeds his clan with the blood of his hands
And nobody can ever question his pride as a man
Understand? No weapon can penetrate the flesh of one
Who fathoms the meaning of Gods Son
Wisdom is the key that comes from the experience of life
Strength and loyalty are as holy the Christ
A suit brings power yet its the attire to enter the G paradise


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