For The Future, For World Peace


So many doors

And so many opportunities.

Yet there are people fighting wars

In their own communities.


I want to make a difference

And win where I'm at.

By eliminating the ignorance

That holds us back. 


"I have a dream..."

Just like Martin Luther King.

To work for a job that

Works for the sake of peace.



The United Nations is where I want to be.

Development for everyone

Not just for me.


My grandpa always told me

That education is key.

I will learn of other cultures 

and help them all become happy.

International studies will definitely be

A major that will enlighten me culturally.


One thing is for sure,

It will cost a lot.

But victory is ensured,

If I take a chance at this shot.


Time management is something I have to change.

A step into adulthood,

At first it might be a little strange.


Farewell Neverland.

Goodbye my childhood.

No more helping hand,

I must do this on my own for good.


I am absolutely happy,

and I want to make a change.

I want everyone to become happy,

Not just those close at range.


Education and experience is what will take me there.

I vow to make the world a better place.

From the bottom of my heart I declare.


A job for world happiness is much better,

Than money 

That is controlled by a wage setter. 


My dream job.










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