Future Pie

The day and age of most the profound still lack

the common ground which they walk on

or better yet it's all an illusion state that reprimands

the mind from reality while some try to react

to a better time for which they heard the most in a song

about the good times that kill and the simple hold my hand.


Then again as time goes by the metaphoric pie

stains to which refers the essence of creativity

but allow me to cut to the chase

because it seems I have misplaced

the sole actions towards this line after line

rant that has no act

but the oh so missed inability

towards the most common fact

that the deviants are the sole reason for the prime

of the creation to a most delectable pie.


So, so much beauty, so little time

some call out, some are not who they seem

and all others have the decency to be their without a care

over time more arise to the call and eventually

connect and respect the individuals place for them all

so the future lies which the pies provides and the rare

stain will not just go away clean

it will blossom into the most abnormal creativity

but in a good way, for those who take sublime

messages lets take a leave and have a ball

because in this day and age theres no time to lose

its not a ruse, because you are not alone,

future pie is meant for the many and has since grown.



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