Future In Our Hands


In four years’ time, our minds have to be made – our lives planned.

Not too long ago, we were fresh out of the middle school land

Thinking the world is in our pocket and dreams are in our hand

Jokes in the air, and hormones flying from our pituitary gland

We were just starting to figure out where we stand


Where we stand in the world – a year has passed

Being called freshmeat and freshies, being an outcast

Middle school and high school is such a contrast

Laughing and smiling, even though we’re the youngest class

Classes were simple just learning about William Howard Taft

No future plan, taking nothing seriously, just having a blast


Now we blast four quarters forward, and we’re a sophomore

“So much better than those freshies, even though it was a year before

Ready to feel adventure in our veins, ready to go out and explore

Slacking even more, “we got this, no worries” we swore

Grades drop but hey it’s sophomore year, we got two years more

Unwind and recline, the future plan is not accounted for


First day, already forced to account for college: it’s junior year

Realization, one year then one more and then we’re focused on a career

Got to save for college, for an apartment, for a car-get a job as a cashier

Working hard, studying hard, but we’re going to make it, it’s clear

We still make time to get out and hit a midnight premiere

Reading material a little harder, more archaic like O’Pioneer

Future coming expeditiously, we start to kick it into high gear


Senior year is here, the future is near and the feeling is real

Forced to hurriedly make a plan, but nothing seems ideal

College, workforce, what’s the plan? Navy seal?

Only having a couple classes for the year which seems surreal

This year ends, and we pay for our own automobile, for our own meal

No sincere plan, we’re just free falling, life has been revealed


Free falling into a rushed and abrupt plan isn’t just

In four years from being kids in middle school to being on our own

Taxes, check books, insurance, bills, budgets, when did we learn this?

Responsible enough to be on our own, but not responsible enough for our own bodies?

Got to be twenty-one to drink, twenty-five to rent a car, yet we have to jump into life head first

It’s okay not to have a plan. It’s okay not to know. It’s okay but don’t take it too slow

School is important, plans are important but time is only a concept.

How do you know what you want if you’ve never experienced it?

We are the future for the world. We can’t be unprepared.

We are here. We are now. What’s the plan?


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