To The Future Generations: I'm Sorry

Dear Future Generation(s)
         Our parents told us stories of "back then" that seemed really inspiring
and had the "go get it" attitude. They told us of the times that they caught
their first baseball at their favorite team's game. They told us of how they met the parent
we knew as "mom" or "dad" and we cooed because it sounded so sweet to our ears. They
told us of that time they earned "street cred." 
        We had a little bit of fun too. We reflect on the times of playing out til dark; when street
lights ON meant "get your butt home now." We laugh at the times when the way we told our crush
we liked them was by a note that said "Do you like me? Check yes or no" and we slipped it to be
passed on. We remember our favorite foods, and our old time favorite cartoons on a Saturday 
morning. We remember we couldn't stand the idea of kissing anyone. We remember quickly
hanging up the phone with our friends so we wouldn't get caught late at night. We remember
the music of fifteen-year-old Taylor Swift. Oh, the sweet memories.
       My next point to you is, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry you're missing out. I'm sorry we're growing up to teach you that the only thing to life 
that matters is social media. I'm sorry we're teaching you that your value and confidence
is based off of how many likes you get on social media and who says what about you when.
I'm sorry you'll never hear music again without hearing profanity and not the meaning. I'm sorry
our generation will teach you that you don't deserve to be heard. I'm sorry that the only outside
experience you'll ever get is catching Pokemon off of Pokemon GO and then getting frustrated
that the server crashes right before you accomplish anything. I'm sorry that we'll teach you to listen
more to what people think of you than what you think of yourself. I'm sorry that the only way
you'll know if a guy really cares about you is if he doesn't try to pull "Netflix and Chill" with you. I'm
sorry you'll have to feel invalidated because you don't fit in with everyone else. I'm sorry you'll be
judged based off of how you look, and what mistakes you've made, and not who you are as a person.
I'm sorry no one will ever be able to verbalize to you how they feel about you because their social skills
have gone down the window ever since we taught you that the best way to express how you feel
is to text or post to social media. I'm sorry that WE'RE the last generation to ever have a 
childhood. I'm sorry you'll grow up to fear the world because of what's going on in the 
world. I'm sorry you have to go to school, where your confidence will be broken even
more; where your intelligence is based off of your score on a standardized test and the girls
pick on you for every imperfection they see. I'm sorry you'll have to fight to be who you are
in a world so broken. I'm sorry for all we've done to you.
       We've done all of this, and you're not even born yet.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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