The Future Calls

Thu, 04/28/2022 - 14:51 -- Vex

The future calls like an owl at night

At first I heard it and it gave me a fright

I’d never want to lose sight

Of the vision it gave me in the fading light


Traveling in the darkness, I walk alone

Talking to myself, only, are my feelings shown

But as I take this midnight hike

I cannot help but feel this burning psych


The future calls,

I heard it yearn

This is the last of the days I learn

But learn still should I

To look fate in the eye

And never let my future fade in the growing night


Never, said I, And let my feelings subside?

To let myself wander in the night?

Without my dreams in sight?

No, said I, I will not give up without a fight

I will survive this endless night

But my eyes bear the wieght in spite

The future is close but this wieght takes my sight

So as I hear the owl call again,

I lie back down my dreary head

And as I closed my eyes to skip the night,

I saw the glimmer of the morning light.


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