The Future


All that was left were the ruins

We were all stuck in our own dystopia

To many people, it was the end

But to those of us who were left it meant searching

We only had a little time

We knew that we were headed toward death


I was not afraid of death

It couldn’t be much worse than these ruins

We all had a time

Some people’s time was before the dystopia

Many of them went searching

They went searching for their own end


In the beginning many people begged for it not to end

They begged to be given mercy from death

Each of them were searching

Through the ruins

And into the dystopia

To find a way to get more time

There was never enough time

We all had things to do before the end

Then we were trapped in a dystopia

We needed reality, we needed to face death

We had to face him in these ruins

Because now we’re just searching


We’ll always be searching

For a place with more time

Where we’re not scared of these ruins

Where we’re not facing our end

When we’re no longer OK with death

When we won’t be afraid of this dystopia


They trapped us in this dystopia

When they never stopped searching

They wanted to cure death

But death outsmarted them by taking their time

We soon had to face the end

Now we’re stuck in these ruins


We lost our time to these ruins

This dystopia was given to us by death

In the end we’ll just stop searching



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