This funny love

With a face like Apollo

and body perfectly sculptured of every fine details

no other words can define

the perfection of you.

Soft brown hair swept to the left

buries your forehead and

as I glance at you

deep brown eyes

richer than the color of coffee

stared back with a gaze

piercing right through my soul.

Your lips, oh your lips

in the softest shade of pink there is

how plump and soft do they look.

Shoulders as high as Mount Everest,

chest as wide as the shining sea

and the slender legs of yours

are as long as the Great Wall of China

which supports the height of 178cm.

If I were to admire you

for a few seconds more

I could not help but

to go insane over

your gorgeous, non-human like features.

And as much as I hope

that you would fall for me

I would prefer not

for that would result in

me rushing to your side

to add more tape to the back of you

and sticking you back on the wall.






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