I remember the first thing I said to you. It went something like "Hi, I like to growl" geez I was so nervous to speak.

I turned red as you brushed it off and askedmy name. It's Kat, no Ashley, it's 

Margrate or Pam, damn I'm a mess, Sorry It's Tam and you shook my hand and introduced yourself.

So Jack, I mean Joe, oh I'm sorry Bob, Yeah it's Quin. Your name is unique, can I be your friend?

He was sweet, also funny, never shy, but so neat. H was crazy, maybe lazy, kind of classy, no chic.

What''s your favorite color? It is ornage, black or blue? Mayby pink or gray, sometimes red and or tan.

Do you fish? Can you dance, play soccer or swim? Is football your thing?

Oh yeah you can slam. You write, you play ball, oh god I adore, your witt, your faith, your persistance.

Your smile, your face, oh yeah that body and smile. I love how you carry yourself and hold my hand. After a whole year of talking, I'm glad you're my man.

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