For Fun

I call it DiVinci but I wish I could Van Gough,
Playin' Helen Keller, we call it Picasso.
Livin' like Rawanda, I wish that bitch would go,
Feelin' like Iraq, Some shit Sadam would know.
Wish I was “Like Mike,” but change would always follow,
Nikki Minaj-- there's always plastic I can barrow.
Imma Lil Wayne this bitch, make the world never see tomorrow,
Followed by a Drake: I look like I won the lotto.
Lights out, man this aint no kanye,
Keep payin for that life like you can afford it someday.
I don't know about you but I'm tired of down payments,
Keep your bullshit like your money: you needa learn how to save it.



This might have been "just for fun" but it really touched me. Great poem and beautiful rhyme scheme

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