Gentle shadows engulf your footsteps;

Only you to see 
A marbled winding road
That would crumble
To shatters and shards,
Afflicting your walk.
Gentle creeps through
A garden we thought;
The slow burn smile.
The daring bellow;
Laughter reverb in resonate chambers.
'Twas not us who could hear you.
'Twas not us who could see you.
No, contrary, we heard and saw;
A version of you,
An ephemeral light,
A declaration,
A hothouse full of warmth.
You’re name is Grace,
And you so politely fooled us with that.
The meaning of presence;
So simply it was you.
Just being,
Just witnessing,
Your life through a monocle.
One eye astray in the blur and grime,
But one so crystal in the bubble you constructed.

You had us all.
Your life through rose colored glasses.
And now, we hear and see. 
We wish you sweet dreams and good nights and soft symphonies to pillow your thoughts.
Let innocent slumber complete your bow.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world
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