Fuck forgiveness

 Fuck forgiveness  Do you know what pisses me off?Melaninated people forgive white supremacy....Melaninated people forgive tamahus who got caught in action by Killin us....It pisses me the fuck off....I don’t give aFuck about god, I don’t give a fuck about Being compassionate...I blame the manipulation, I blame the condition that traces back from Slavery..... I know y’all got a good heart....but shit....Y’all need to wake up, Forgivin your enemies who tempted to kill us, To kill our loved ones.....And y’all fell for their white tears....white tears are dangerous.... Let me ask us this, Why can’t we forgive ourselves in the first place for listenin and gainin Our self hate by propaganda? Why can’t we forgive our people instead of Everyone outside of us? Have you ever thought of that?  If You forgive white supremacy, you’re losin the war....Forgiveness is a trick and we’re a peaceful people However we’re warriors who can whoop ass....Warriors don’t forgive, they will literally beat your ass to The ground.....they do exist.... And I don’t hear about we have to forgive cos it’s the right thing to do, Fuck all that.....A lot of y’all don’t know about psychology behind that forgiveness slave mentality...It’s really damagin.... Do you forgive a cheater? No Do you forgive a friend who stabbed you in the back? NoWhy would you forgive white supremacy? They’ve been treatin us like animals for decades...They haven’t changed...... And y’all still don’t see it.... y’all still don’t see it... It really frustrates me....y’all forgive that stupid Becky who killed a brother Y’all forgive that “lonely wolf” who killed 9 melaninated people at the church Y’all forgave that bitchy Karen to have Emmett Til murder...Y’all are mentally insane....cos of that condition....cos of that Jesus syndrome....cos Of that manipulation....I called that  a wicked demon..... It’s sad...and it hurts my feelings....I know y’all are tryin to do the Right thing but forgiveness isn’t one of them...no offense, it seems like Y’all do it anyway cos we love a lot of people and there is unrequited love Sittin there in our faces....we know we can’t forgive troglodytes who keeps hurtinUs.. We do it  cos the Bible says soWe do it cos we want no drama...We make excuses..... White supremacy is goin to do it Over and over and over and over...Y’all realize it’s a bully right? 💯❤️✊🏿 © Kai C. 10-25-20

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