Fruit Pie


My backyard
4767 Little League Rd
United States
26° 26' 14.874" N, 81° 28' 29.1072" W

Nostalgic scents can cause a young soul like I,

to be inspired by a dozen words like a mother baking pie,

a mother that fed a dozen little botany loving kids that never hindered to cry


The simple power of the root

a heart that would take vigourous care,

unleashed a dozen scents transmitted through its fruit

left a young soul like I to pick backyard with my feet still bare


Flavors would cause a young soul like I,

to enchant a dozen lines written like a mother baking fruit pie,

a mother that gave a young soul like I the power to write words and lines,

the roots of poetry.



Fluently But Oddly Written

When your backyard is lushed with a variety of power (roots) it inspires you to discover a world that is filled with joyous times enriched with flavor.

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