"Frigid Glory"


United States
42° 36' 46.7928" N, 73° 32' 9.0744" W

Jovial land, idol full
Plays a tune of great peace
Content peers of free land
Good old times ring the bell.

Coming here, coming there
Communist, wretch of war
Extirpate, disarray
To keep old glory strong.

Prosper faith, indulgence
Loud twenties, bold fifties
Lenders of confidence
Keep us one, none are none
Keep us strong, all along
Moving on, moving on.

Hellish play, in the trench
What a waste, no man's land
Oncoming, poisonous
Brutish Brits, plodding tanks
Stale Germans, none shall gain
Steadfast states, forceful peace.

Death is war, war is Death.

Pot of coffee, radio
Misplaced man, missing home
Two worlds meet, day to day
Hope to end, dearly pray.

All must go, all someday
Faithful He, show remorse
Bravely done, old friends die
Earthly hell for sunrise.

Merrily, merrily
Living large while you can
Make time worth all the world
For none see skulking Death.
Booming times, happy days
Come and go from hot ash.

Sorrow shows its grim face
Before life stands to please
Solemn Death, precious Life
Golden gem in refuse
We'll march on, we'll get through
For we all start anew.

Leaving bad, greeting peace.


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