Fright Night

It's a gift, man.I don't think you get the jist, man.Jesus make an atmosphere shift, man.The nails, son, spread His arms. Wingspan.Everything I ever touch blessed, wingspan.Blessing everything over which my wings pan.There's true power in Jesus' Name. If you need the true Example, He's the Man.Here, check wordplay.Bump Sammy Sosa, that's the Word played. When you delve deep into it every day...You're not the sam-e-soul so that's Wordsplayed.Darkness to lightness, from deadness to liveness. From nothing to something, us humans and wild things.Infringing one maxim's got all us abiding in friendship with the maxim of carnage to the maximum.Spectres, infectors, on prowl and we know itWe carry the Spirit, God tells where to throw HimDevil thought it won cuz I cry tonight.Thank Jesus he's shaking, he's scared when I take flight.That dragon's defeated, night rose on its fury.Accuser's been beaten, imprisoned by jury.We're all supposed to have hands up like stick ups But everything's screwed cuz of one little hiccupIt's burnt in their retina, burnt in their DNA.Go be a fool and just throw your whole life away.You'll never die, you'll be stronger and wiser, mayne.Me and myself all I need, don't care what you say.I don't care how you feel, I'm'on take what I want.Bruk-up his head if he turn and look at me wrong.I know what's best... just turn your feelings off.I am the strongest... they're all just soft.Verily, verily, Imma say unto you.Enemy viciously ripping people of the truth.Humanity doing whatever hell it wanna do.Family shaken cuz they ain't know his life was due.Animosity, abuse and persecution in the nations.Rainbow, perverted, represents abominations. Tryna wreck a God train before it ever leaves the station.Moral decay looking more like total mutilation.But we go, go.Just go pro.For my people being beaten on Go Pros.For condoners, believers of lies toldFor the babes in Christ.For the lost souls.For the thousand cries,For the brothers dead.Cops demon lead,Street stained red.For the person in pain,Tryna end it all...Cuz their love is gone...And they can't let it go.I keep fighting, but I'm so tired.I ran from God, my soul died.Coming soon, God'll take us in the skies.We'll praise God,Yell "Death has died".He coming quick.Don't leave GodOne day you'll need Him"Oh please, God".Don't waste your time, Go save your soul.Go let'em knowWon't let'em go!

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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