Friendship we share

Tue, 10/24/2017 - 22:39 -- abb_egg

Nine years ago you and I had never met

-but you would not have liked me then

I was with others whom I now regret

I wished I had met you all ages ago when I was only ten


At camp- I was too shy to speak up- and you were too shy to say "hi"

I can not imagine where I would be if I had let you and you had let me slip right on by


The others before you all tried to make me into someone I am not

-someone who was mean and catty to her friends -someone I hated a lot

I knew then this is not who I wanted to be- not by a long shot

They tried to make me just like them- an identical robot

They would talk about my all my flaws knowing I was in earshot

I was never a priority to them-only an afterthought

To them- everything had to be perfect and brand-  and I was not

Anytime they gave me "friendly tips" I felt my soul slowly start to rot


They were only there for the good times and were the cause of the bad

On the outside- I was smiling- but with them- I felt sad

They would tease and put me down with a smile on their face

“Because I love you” was always their case


I saw no way out until I met you all

Then everything changed- I did not feel so small


You all showed me I was supposed to actually like my friends

-and after fights you do not stay mad you make amends

You all never cared what I wore - or how I fixed my hair

Y'all did not mind if I did not talk too much when we hung out - just as long as I was there

We do not have to talk every day- or see each other for months

-but when we meet up it is like we never left those old wooden bunks

If one of us falls we all try and lift them off the ground

-and if we can not-we lie by their side and roll around

I can not promise to always cheer you up

-but I can promise to listen and never interrupt

And when the summer ends

We all say "Because I love you I promise to stay friends"


The greatest gift I have known is not wrapped up or square

It is the friendships we all have made and the memories we all share

-the laughs and then tears nothing else can compare


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