A Friendship that is so Rare


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I knew the day,
I saw those bright green eyes full of love,
Just wanting an home and someone to love her back,
My days would not be the same.
So I wish for you now,
To come near; so I may share a secret, that is so dear.
I bound you by truth for this is so dear.
Now come my faithful fluffy friend,
I shall share with you this,
For you are so calm and truly mine.
You will always shine for you are my gift.
A gift that is wonderful.
A gift I shall cherish forever.
I can promise you this my gray fluffy friend,
A promise, which shall not be broken.
I shall give you my undivided love forever!
For when all else fails and the day is at end
I can look at you,
For you shall not judge.
You who has faith in all.
You who comes and nudges me.
Who purrs a lullaby all-day and all-night.
She who gives me her undivided love,
with those bright green eyes, gleaming into mine.
Her love is true, and very divine.
This sweet sweet friend, who never speaks,
Yet has a message that is always meek.
From her sweet lullaby is telling me all is fine.
This gray-striped friend is altar rare, and just mine.
So I knew that day, when I saw those bright green eyes,
My days had charged to being more divine.
So my fluffy friend, I wish for you to stay near,
So I may tell you my most precious secret of all.
My true love that has sprung, from you my dear.
For my greatest secret of all, is my true for you.
For you are the most precious thing I own.

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I wrote this for this contest for the scholarship.

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