Friendship is Forever

6 close friends,

brought together on accident,

they've got a bond that can't be broken.

when we have no one else we've all got eachother,

the friends that turned into family.

we yell and scream and cry

but we also joke and laugh and hug and smile.

we're all totally different people,

the jock, the quiet one, the rapper, the smart one, the bitch and the mom.

but we're like one big family and we all fight like brother and sisters. 

we tell eachother when we screw up but we're also eachothers biggest supporters.

we're honest, maybe a bit to honest but we love eachother sometimes a little too much.

we're eachothers rocks and we always got eachother.

a commitment for life, i love my squad and that's no lie. 





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